These exciting boxes are available for children and are filled with interactive tools to help them experience and participate in worship.  Icons are used in our worship projection to help guide you on which tool to use.  The boxes include:

Battery Operated Candle
Light your candle when the candles are lit at the front of the church and hold it up high.  At the end of the service, hold it up again while the candles are put out. The Candle reminds us that Jesus, the light of the world, is with us.

Small Wood Cross
Take out the cross and hold it tight during times of prayer. Listen especially for:
Prayer at the beginning of the service called “confession” when we ask God to forgive us.
The “prayer of the day” when we pray to begin worship together.
“The prayers of the people” after the sermon when we pray for those people who are hurting, for our congregation, and places in the world that need God’s help.
“The offertory prayer” when we offer our gifts to God.
“Prayer after communion” when we thank God for the gift of forgiveness.

Ribbon Wand
Use this ribbon on a stick when you want to move to the music.  Wave it over your head, down low, or even take it into the aisle to twirl near your seat. When the music stops, put it back into the box. 

SPARK Story Bible
Look in the bulletin for this week's Gospel.  Look up the story for this week, read it and look at the pictures. What do you learn about God and Jesus from reading?

Listen to the Bible readings and other things being talked about in worship. Draw a picture of something you hear or feel during the service today.

Use this envelope to give a gift of love to God. You may include money, write a note about something you will do to help others this week, write a prayer thanking God for something in your life, or the picture you drew in worship today.  Write your name on the envelope if you wish. 

As you leave worship, take one of the stickers and place it on your clothing to remember that you are sent in o the world to tell others about Jesus.