2019 Holy Cross Lutheran Church Scholarship Candidate Application

To Provide financial support to a student from Holy Cross Lutheran Church for undergraduate study at a technical trade school, college, or university

$500 for one year, payable to the school for tuition and fees. Students attending a Lutheran college may receive matching funds from Thrivent. Award recipients can apply for subsequent years. 

All application materials must be neatly printed or typed. 

  1. Students: complete the paper or online application.

  2. Attach or email a copy of your acceptance letter from a college or trade school.

  3. Attach a current transcript.

  4. Parents/Guardians complete the appropriate section of this application.

  5. Submit completed application by May 15, 2019.



  1. Family must be current members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and have been members for at least 3 years.

  2. Applicant must participate in Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

  3. Application must plan to enroll in a technical college, college, or university.


Serves and demonstrates leadership in at least on ministry area: Worship, Education, Welcoming, or Social Outreach. 


  1. Participates in worship at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, or at another Lutheran church if in college.

  2. Volunteers in community or school charity activities, i.e. Relay for Life, food shelf.

  3. High school/college extra-curricular activities, i.e. music, sport, clubs.

  4. Non-school activities and clubs, i.e. scouts, 4-H, music, dance.

  5. Parent/Guardian at church and in community volunteer activities.

  6. Maintains GPA of at least 2.5.


  1. All parts of the application filled out completely.

  2. Essay is well written.

  3. Thoughtful, sincere, and truthful responses.

  4. Overall neatness and clarity of application materials.

Applicant will submit one (1) letter of reference from an adult other than parent/guardian. 

Name *
Phone *
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How many years has your family been members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church?
What is your planned course of study?
What is the name of the college, university, or technical school you will attend?
Activity, # of Years, Advisor, Phone Number
Activity, # of Years, Advisor, Phone Number
Activity, # of Years, Advisor, Phone Number
1. Explain how you have served your church and your community. 2. Describe someone who has been a major influence on your life and why. 3. Explain why should you be selected for this scholarship.