Prayers in Worship

Each Sunday in worship, those gathered offer prayer in various ways. Some of the communal prayers are the Kyrie, the prayer of the day and the offering prayer.

There are two ways you can share personal prayer requests during a worship service.

1) Prayers of the People
During these prayers you will be invited to speak aloud a name of a person(s) you for whom you  ask for God’s care.

2) Prayer Request Cards
These cards are found in the pew racks. Fill in the information and give the card to an usher before the Gospel reading by handing it to them or holding the prayer card in the air.

Prayer requests will be printed in the bulletin for two weeks before being removed. If you would like the person to receive prayers in worship again, please submit another prayer request card or speak with the pastor directly.


Prayer Chain

What is a prayer chain? 

A general prayer chain is a network of individuals who will receive prayer requests and thanksgivings, then forward them to the next available person in the network. (

At Holy Cross, we have an e-mail prayer chain consisting of members. This ministry is dedicated to keeping confidentiality regarding prayer requests. To become a member of the Holy Cross prayer chain ministry please contact Sheryll Max: 651-739-9016 or or the pastor at 651-739-0643. 

How long does a name remain on the prayer chain?

Generally, at Holy Cross, a person remains on the prayer chain for two weeks. However, in cases of long-term illness, hospice, or by request, the members of the prayer chain will pray for a person and/or situation in need as long as requested. To request a person to remain on the prayer chain list for longer than two weeks, please contact the Pastor at 651-739-0643.

A current prayer chain is sent out weekly