Council President Update 2/26/2015

The past week was an eventful one for our Interim transition.  Bishop Lull and her Assistant Rev. Lamont Koerner attended the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday evening to hear the presentation of the Ministry Site Profile by the Mission Exploration Team.  Both had some promising remarks about the report and the future of Holy Cross.  Thank you to the members who braved the cold that night to attend this important meeting.  The Call Committee has the profile and their work is beginning.  Rev. Koerner reminded us that the work of the Call Committee is to be kept private and that we should not expect reports from them before they are ready to present a candidate to the congregation.  However, if you have a potential candidate in mind for Holy Cross, this is the time to give that name to the committee. 

The Executive and Personnel Committees are in the final stages of negotiations with our Bridge Pastor candidate.  The Executive Committee approved a recommendation to hire the Pastor based on mutual expectations and budget considerations.  We hope to be able to present this pastor to you in the very soon.  In the meantime, we are blessed to have the Rev. Dr. David Hahn with until the end of March. Please continue to pray for Holy Cross and the worship leaders God is preparing for us.  I am available to answer questions and concerns.